Kappkino – Cinema in your head – invites everyone to a special show which plays inside the mind.

A project of Open Screen asbl, Kappkino brings to the public a series of audio pieces for adults.

One of the main ideas of Kappkino is that the audience experiences each of the pieces in a particular setting – in a dark space, with no visual stimuli. This helps the listeners to immerse into the story more profoundly, while at the same time becoming detached from the constant feed of digital connectedness.

The multicultural context of Luxembourg suggests diverse approaches to the creation of the pieces. Led by the belief that every language and audience matters, we don’t put boundaries in the creative process and stay open for exploring new spaces and possibilities.

The very concept of Kappkino is related to the personal perception and various interpretations every listener would have, because an individual experience brings particular understanding.

Until now Luxembourg could offer mostly audio productions for children. Through Kappkino we aim to create more meaningful content for adults. In combining a nice story plus music and theatre, we wish to bring to the public a new kind of experience.

We focus our efforts in both directions – creating the audio piece for theater and also recording the whole production, making it available to a wider audience. There is already one Kappkino play and vinyl released.

The open nature of the project, including the different languages and approaches involved in it, gives Kappkino more chances for reaching diverse publics outside of Luxembourg.