The first edition of Kappkino – Kappkino 1 “Wou ginn Elteren Nuets hin/ Where do parents go at night”, was created in partnership with Opderschmelz and CNA in 2017.

From then on it was presented on different stages – Opderschmelz, Neimenster, Escher Theater, Kulturfabrik Esch, Kulturhaus Mersch and Kulturhaus Niederanven.

In 2018 Kappkino 1 was recorded at Opderschmelz/CAN and released on vinyl. The record was then showcased at the book fairs in Frankfurt and Leipzig. The choice of the vinyl was also influenced by the wish of giving the audience the best possible experience. You do not listen to a vinyl the same way as an online source. It is available for purchasing here.

The record is available in Luxembourgish and German. As one of the goals of Open Screen is to bring more like-minded people together a French and English translation are at the disposal of everyone who would wish to understand better Luxembourgish and in an optimistic manner – to learn some phrases in it.

On Easter Monday of 2020 the Kappkino 1 piece was broadcasted on radio 100.7 and published for download afterwards on the website of the media, available for everyone to enjoy it for two weeks.

The artistic team behind the creation of Kappkino 1 is:

Story: Claudine Muno
Performance:Betsy Dentzer
Music: Nataša Grujović, Misch Feinen
Director: Daniel Tanson.

During the 2020 lockdown we produced a special edition of Kappkino. It is created by a super reduced team, with core members Claudine Muno, Betsy Dentzer and Misch Feinen. They were a substantial part of the first edition of Kappkino, and proved to work amazingly well together.

The Special Kappkino piece was presented to the audience on the National holiday of Luxembourg, 23 June, broadcasted on radio 100,7.

“Eng Geschicht ouni Baart” is a co-production with CNA, in partnership with Radio 100komma7 and Kulturfabrik. The piece is called “Eng Geschicht ouni Baart” (A story without a beard). This story is written by Claudine Muno, inspired by the H.C. Andersen’s tale “The shadow”.

Our hope is that, adapting to the “new normal”, we will be able to turn Kappkino “Eng Geschicht ouni Baart” into a live experience and present it on stage, in theaters and cultural centers in Luxembourg.

The superheroes team which was able and willing to create this piece in the very difficult times of corona, is:

Text: Claudine Muno

Claudine Muno is a prolific writer and musician. Having worked with her Text “Wou ginn Elteren nuets hin?“ on our very first production, it was a pleasure to commission her very own version of the H.C. Andersen tale “The shadow”.

Storytelling: Betsy Dentzer

Betsy Dentzer works on big stages like the Philharmonie de Luxembourg, the Rotondes or the Wiener Konzerthaus, mainly in plays combining music and stories. She studied Applied Theatre at the Universität der Künste in Berlin.

Music:  Misch Feinen, percussion & objects

Misch Feinen is a true multitalented artist, working in sound and concrete in the true sense of words.

He is an accomplished musician dwelling with pleasure in experimental jazz and is complementing perfectly Betsy’s mesmerizing voice.

Sound: Ken Nnganyadi

Ken was responsible for the brilliant sound, recorded and mastered at Philophon studio. With Philophon we have the right entity on board with a profound understanding of the format.

In “Eng Geschicht ouni Baart” Mathilda Meiers plays the trumpet. Director and producer of Kappkino Special is Tanja Frank.

In March 2021 Openscreen released “Radio Sunshine”, a music record composed by Núria Bonet. The special gold coloured vinyl, bundled with a digital download code, is the first Kappkino music vinyl.

Music created for Kappkino, music that brings images in the listener’s mind without the need of projecting movies. Hear and imagine the story behind the compositions of Núria Bonet in “Radio Sunshine”.

We were curious to know more about Núria’s world and creative views. That’s why Open Screen produced its first podcast series dedicated to “Radio Sunshine” and the composer, performer and researcher Núria Bonet.

Listen to the three podcast episodes here:

Jana Montorio - writer of Kappkino 3
Jana Montorio, writer of Kappkino 3
photo: Emile Hengen 

Kappkino 3 will most probably be realised in 2022. Currently, the author who won a scholarship provided by Focuna for writing the story of the next Kappkino piece – Jana Montorio, is writing the new plot for the upcoming edition.

Jana will write the piece in Czech and French. The new languages added to our productions will give our stories additional chances to travel and to be brought to new audiences.

The working title of Kappkino 3 so far is “Fais dodo, mon petit frère”.