Focuna Kappkino Grant

You can now apply for the Kappkino grant provided by Focuna.

The grant is awarded on the basis of a call for applications to all authors or screenwriters of Luxembourg nationality or residing in Luxembourg, and who can attest to a professional background. There is no age criteria.

Co-writings can be submitted by indicating the names of all the authors of the project. The grant aims to support the production of an audio piece for the stage allowing authors / screenwriters to carry out a writing project in collaboration with the producer Openscreen a.s.b.l. as part of its “Kappkino Live” format.

The deadline to submit applications for the current Focuna Kappkino grant is midnight on 13 December 2020.

Fonds culturel national (Focuna) is a public organization governed by the law modified on 4 March 1982, which has a mission to receive, manage and distribute donations and grants with public and private origin, to support and promote artistic and cultural activities with artists residing in Luxembourg, or of Luxembourgish nationality.